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John's Offer You Can't Refuse!

Purchase any Sandler online course listed on this page and apply 100% of the cost to an instructor-led class!

This offer is only valid on classes conducted by John Whitehall at his training center in the Good Life Building in Shillington or at your facility.

Sales Accountability

Avoid accountability common mistakes, build positive and negative consequences, set expectations, and launch a successful accountability system and culture with your team. The lessons are designed so you can implement the tactics and strategies immediately, but it is your responsibility to take action and apply this information.

• Accountability Mythbusting
• Building an Accountability Ladder
• Expectation Management
• Launching an Accountability Program


No Pressure Prospecting

This course helps salespeople and sales leaders formulate successful prospecting strategies that will fill your pipeline, leverage technology, and set better sales appointments.

• Choose the right type of prospecting and the right of prospects
• Engage with gatekeepers and talk to more decision-makers
• Structure an effective, efficient prospecting call that sets more appointments
• Leave a voicemail message that gets returned


Building a Bulletproof Business

Most leaders are passionate about their business and want to move their company into the top rank. They work hard but realize that, no matter how hard they work, something important seems to be missing. They may have fallen prey to the “Blind Spots Syndrome” – they don’t know what they don’t know about the obstacles they face.

This course will help you make sure that you are a well-oiled machine so you can continue to compete in today's marketplace.


Social Selling Success

This course is designed to help salespeople leverage the latest technology, information, and social networks. It’s a social prospecting and selling course for sales reps and other individuals looking to build relationships and start sales conversations. Learn how to drive revenue by adding more people, information, and opportunities to your sales pipeline.

• Build A Client-Attracting Profile
• Identify Ideal Clients & Start Sales Conversations
• Leverage Social Media Information Throughout the Sales Process
• Build Relationships & Social Capital to Fill Your Pipeline


Leading the Next Generation

How to Hire, Manage and Motivate Millennials and Gen Z. Learn how to attract and hire top young talent; how to create processes and company culture that will motivate, coach and grow these younger workers; and how to retain Millennials and Gen Z., This course is for you if you:

• Are struggling to motivate and communicate with younger workers.
• Are looking to dramatically improve their hiring and recruiting of younger sales talent
• Have had enough of "lackluster" under-performing teams and too much turnover
• Want to better understand their team and lead their company through the next generation


Dealing with Difficult People & Situations

No matter what your position is in the organization, you will have to deal with angry, upset, or difficult people at some point. Many people find it to be a stressful part of their day, which can lead to burnout unless there is an established, step-by-step process in place.

  • Understand Yourself and Keeping Your Composure
  • Understand Others and What Makes Them Difficult
  • Prevent Difficult Situations
  • Dealwith Difficult People & Situations


Negotiating Mastery

Negotiating Mastery was designed for owners, managers, and salespeople who put together complicated deals, negotiate discounts, or enterprise sales. This course is based around sales negotiations but will be helpful to managers and owners negotiating any type of contract.

• How to Negotiate Effectively
• Understanding & Dealing with The Professional Negotiator
• Identifying Sources of Negotiating Leverage
• How Personality, Style, & Persuasion Effect Outcomes
• The Most Common Negotiating Mistakes
• Breaking Through Apparent Impasses
• Making Concessions


Sandler Microlearning Collection: The Sales System

What does it take to succeed at sales? It’s not about charisma, being pushy or being a natural born salesperson. Being able to sell well is a skill, and because it’s a skill, you can practice it and get better.

• Adapt and continually reinforce new behaviors, attitudes, and techniques, inspiring long-term change.
• Quickly drive consistency and realize your team’s potential by instilling shared language, culture, and processes
• Instead of making the same mistakes over and over, salespeople can quickly tap into the training they need, in the flow of their workday.


Grovo Microlearning Collection: Leadership & Management

This collection of topics is designed to help managers sharpen their skills and leadership effectiveness. A few examples of topics included:

• Recruiting, Hiring, And On-Boarding
• Building Team Dynamics
• Coaching Strategies
• Discrimination in Hiring & Termination
• Facilitation Meetings
• Finding Your Leadership Style
• Managing KPIs & Accountability
• Setting Goals & Transitioning To A Leadership Role


Grovo Microlearning Collection: Modern Compliance

A great course for small to medium sized businesses covering essential compliance issues that need to be part of your organizational structure.

  • Business Ethics Fundamentals
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Benefits
  • LGBTQ Inclusion & Diversity
  • Multigenerational Workforce
  • OSHA
  • Preventing Discrimination & Sexual Harassment


Complete Grovo Microlearning Library

This is an ideal bundle for small to medium sized companies that covers a variety of topics essential to organizational growth. It also includes access to Sandler’s E-Learning Library.

This Bundle Includes:

• Leadership & Management Collection
• Professional Skills Collection
• Modern Compliance Collection
• Sandler E-Learning Library


New Advisor Launch Accelerator

This is the only comprehensive online training curriculum of its kind in the financial services, insurance or banking industries, for quick starting a new advisor.

The program has three distinct modules each with specific learning objectives:

• Module 101: Prospecting & Making Appointments
• Module 201: Conducting the Discovery Interview
• Module 301: The Feeling/Fact-Finding Conversation & The New Client

The lessons in each module have videos, workbooks, toolkits, playbooks, and sales manager’s coaching guides.