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The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us


When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Jeff Bilger

DISC is amazing!

A DISC Assessment identifies your communication style and creates a self-awareness of the communication styles of others. Your clients are not only buying your product, they're also buying YOU! When you communicate in the prospect’s style, you build stronger bonding and rapport; an important aspect in building deeper relationships based on trust.

Jeffrey Bilger
Director of Sales and Marketing, The Rose Corporation


John Bonanno

Identity and Role theory

I/R Theory represents the dual nature of our lives. Each of us has an "I" and an "R." Our "I" represents our values, beliefs, principles, desires, and emotions—our inner selves. Our "R" is made up of the many roles we play in our lives, or our outer selves. These roles include son, daughter, friend, student, salesperson, etc.

John Bonanno,
Manager of Project Engineering, The Rose Corporation


I have the pleasure of knowing John several years and in different settings. We first met at a networking event, then in business strategy meetings and then within a year, I became a student of his Sandler Training program. John is an enthusiastic, passionate individual. He is an engaging storyteller and brilliant facilitator. He demonstrates a true passion of advocating and being a fiduciary of others success in the personal and business domains. His program focuses on the sales process with actionable, digestible chunks of relevant learning. His energy, commitment and knowledge are second to none and his personality contagious. I highly recommend John and his Sandler program to entrepreneurs, small businesses and for large organizations looking to learn how to surpass what is thought possible in sales.

Abigail Mirarchi, Workforce Performance & Development Strategist

Money’s Paw

In terms of selling, a Monkey's Paw is a small sale that can lead to a larger one later. Sometimes budget constraints or other resource issues will cause you to sell a smaller part of your offering to make the prospect a client with a clear opportunity in the future. It can also be used as a great relationship starter.

Jennifer O'Donnell
Member Relations Director, Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce


Jennifer O'Donnell

"I have been a client of John's since May of 2018. I first went through the Sandlers Foundation class and learned all about the Sandler way of selling. I enjoyed that the Sandler Sales system is rooted in the fundamentals of just being a plain old good human being and treating other people right. Knowing full well that a 4-week class would not be enough time to make the techniques and lessons learned in foundations second nature, I have been engaged in the material on a weekly basis in the Sandlers Mastery class. John does a very good job of leading our weekly classes and I always look forward to heading to class! "

Andrew Sonon

On behalf of Sullivan Engineering, it was a pleasure participating in the "Sandler Sales Training Boot Camp" presented by John Whitehall! If your firm is looking to develop a proven systematic sales process, bridge the gap between projected sales and the firm's annual goal, I would highly recommend John to assist in this effort. Establishing rapport, uncovering a prospect's pain and asking the right questions may seem like basic concepts but when developed into Sandler's strategic process you will witness significant improvement in your team's prospecting efforts. Thank you for giving us the tools to grow, John!

Thomas Khoudary, Sullivan Engineering

Not until I joined John's Strategic Sales Training Solutions SalesMastery Club did I experience the level of professionalism that exudes from his leadership. Although I have 17 years sales experience and have been Sandler trained since 2007, having John's mentorship this year has propelled my sales career to new heights. But most importantly, his coaching me through an intensely complicated and critical business partnership negotiation will eternally be to me the most valuable demonstration of his competency, his integrity and his insightful view into humanity. John's guidance afforded me the desired outcome by maintaining my focus, integrity, professionalism, and dignity. John possess a real gift of helping folks reach their full professional potential. I am forever grateful!

Debra Dolan Stockton Graham & Co.

I was very fortunate to be included in John's President Club. I went in thinking I would pick up a few tips to help in sponsorship efforts. I have to tell you I was blown away by his training and the Sandler system. John's experience, stories and expertise with Sandler makes learning and understanding how to use the techniques easier than I expected. I have used the system on many occasions. It has helped me get contracts easier and get to "no" quicker and more efficiently in the sales cycle. John's style is very effective, and I know I look forward to our meetings each week.

Crystal Seitz, Pennsylvania's Americana Region


 "I highly recommend John's Strategic Sales Training Solutions for your sales force training needs. The information John provides is top notch in effectiveness and also provides confidence in knowing that you can truly speak about those "uncomfortable" things. I always struggled in asking money questions. Not only did John show me how to accept that it is a necessary evil, he also taught me how to not feel so icky asking the questions that need to be asked. A+ all the way around."

Melissa Hassler
Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce


 "In July, I attended a Sales class that John was teaching. Let me begin by saying simply, John. Is. Cool. He has a way about him where within minutes of meeting him, you feel as though you've been close friends for years. His personality sets the stage for his wealth of knowledge and experience in sales. He outlined sales as a system, the benefits of being told "No.", Buyer/Seller Systems all while sharing his own story and experiences along the way. He asked us in the beginning to make note of any "A-ha!" moments we might have for after the class; the entire class was an "A-ha" moment for me. I use pieces of information and concepts learned from John and apply them to my own thought processes and strategies with existing and future customers on a daily basis. If you see his name attached to a class or seminar; take it. You won't regret it."

Abigail Mirarchi, MS IDD, BFA
Workforce Performand & Development Strategist


 "John Whitehall's insight and teachings of the Sandler Sales Training program have provided me with a fresh approach to developing new client relationships for my business. As a member of the President's Club, I've left each session with valuable takeaways for managing the sales process that are essential for business growth. John's sales training expertise and coaching are invaluable."

Mark Kramer
Core 1 Marketing


 "John offers sales training for every level of sales professional. I participated in John's multi-week Sandler Sales Training presentation. The course offered a consultative selling technique that is more in line with my personal business style. The course was enlightening. It helped me to understand myself better and to utilize questioning skills to uncover the buying motivations of consumers. John makes himself available as needed and is eager to deliver results. His training is practical and can be put to use immediately."

Wendy Kerschner
Comfort Keepers


 "John is a sales master. Not only being a great Sandler Sales trainer, he also has experience IN the field as a proven success. His classes are fun, informative and will make you a more successful sales master."

Justin Schenck


"I met John Whitehall at a networking meeting and was instantly intrigued by his poised 30 second commercial. We spoke about his company and how he could improve mine and the rest is history.

Since training with John, my client base has increased along wth my profit margin, and I recently moved into my first commercial space. Instead of sitting in my basement happy with what fell in my lap, I challenged myself with an arsenal of expert sales training and I have John to thank for it.

I would recommend John Whitehall and his Sandler Training system to anyone who owns a business or manages a sales team."

Freddy Vasquez
Entrepreneur & Consultant


"I've been in business for over 20 years mainly concentrating on the sales side. I thought being "outgoing" or "persistent" was all that I needed and therefore my process. It wasn't until I attended one of John's group classes did I have my "aha" moment. The system John has taught me gave structure to what I already developed and joining his class was one of the best business decisions that I've ever made.

As good as the course is, however, it is John who is the difference maker. He has an innate ability to explorer situations and I always not only get my questions answered but creates dialogue that answers things I wasn't even thinking about at the time. In addition, he has tremendous experience at the regional and national level as an executive which not only gives credence to what he is speaking about but gives us real life examples of how he has attacked various situations.

Finally, he is a tremendous person. To me, hiring someone in this capacity is not transnational, it is a relationship. John is patient, thoughtful, willing to go beyond just what the books say. Quite simply, he is of the highest caliber and I am thrilled to be associated with him."

Richard P. Aulenback, III
RPA Engineering


"I met John at a networking group we both belong to. We later discussed his program and my business over coffee. I was skeptical about signing up for sales training but I went to one of John's classes to see what it was all about. What I found was a high energy group of business professionals dedicated to improving their skills/businesses and a charismatic presenter. I walked out of that class feeling recharged and optimistic about my future.

I just completed John's Sandler Training course and I can honestly say I received much more than I paid for. Not only were the materials useful, and the system practical but John's presentations were memorable and fun! As a bonus I met and developed relationships with smart minded business people that I respect and look forward to working with. I walked out of every class with new insights, practical advice and a GREAT feeling. Even on days when my energy was low.

Meeting John was one big fat positive for me.
If you are looking to improve your business or sales technique talk to John. You will be glad you did."

Donald Carrick
Corporate Photographer


"Sandler has opened my eyes to recognize that “selling” can and should be open, honest and logical. And, I love the way it’s presented and taught. The Sandler 7-step process of selling is not only logical but also quite profound. It’s all about asking the right questions and really getting to know where the “pain” is for a customer so you really can help them or, if nothing else, direct them to someone that can. But, it beings with relationship – a connection. When it comes right down to it, as humans, we want relationships and trust – even in the business world and this is the first step in the Sandler system. Brilliant! But how do you establish a relationship and, more importantly build trust that ultimately will take you to the next Sandler step? Only one way to find out.

Additionally, how the information is presented, taught, facilitated and coached is critical. John Whitehall is amazing in this realm. His knowledge, experience, humor and easy-going manner is what really pulls it off. I so highly recommend anyone that has a sales team or is part of a sales team to invest in this process and John. You will not be disappointed."

Karen Kramer
Remcon Plastics, Inc.


"I had a meeting with John about my struggles with getting in front of the decision makers referring to my business. He listened to my problems and invited me to check out his President's Club. I was very moved by how he conducted his class and how the members participated and was very active in his sales training. Since I was so impressed with his President's Club, I decided to become a client. John introduced me to his Sandler Training Foundations class, and this class is not your typical Sales Training 101 Course. The Sandler Sales Training is a unique way of getting out there to sale your brand with a concentration of selling smarter. John has a passion for what he does, his Sandler Sales Training Course is definitely, the Real Deal!

If you are having trouble getting to the decision makers and articulating how your business can be of service, John would be your number one go to instructor!"

Lisa Niles
Sunrise Telemedical, Inc.

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