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Strategic Sales Training Solutions, LLC | Shillington, Pennsylvania

Ride the Wave of Success

Discover the difference that improving sales skills can make for you and for your entire organization.


Sales Training for Results!

Sandler Foundations

Are you committed to your sales success?

The Sandler Foundations 4-week Training Program introduces the basic concepts of our advanced program, Sales Mastery. Each class is a combination of lessons, real-world examples, role-plays and ongoing reinforcement.

Next Class: Feb. 3, 10, 17, & 24 • 2:00-4:30

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Online Training Classes

  • Need to sharpen your prospecting skills?
  • Want to be a stronger negotiator?
  • Committed to taking your company to the next level?

There's an online course to help! Easy, convenient, and effective.

New Podcast!

A Deeper Dive Into the Sales Process

John shares sales insights as a guest on the Small Business Resource Show, It's all About Business.


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Ride the Wave of Success

I help to reorganize sales activities and install measurable benchmarks, so companies can quickly identify and close more high-quality opportunities.

More about John Whitehall.

John's speaker bio.

Free e-book

Why Salespeople Fail

Your company survives on its sales numbers. This book is all about making and exceeding sales number and sales forecasts.

Discover why salespeople fail and what keeps otherwise talented, capable people from reaching the top of the selling profession.

"I love when people share their success after finding the courage to get out of their comfort zone and succeed. When they break their pattern, and try something new, the results can be game changing." - John Whitehall

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